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Life Insurance in Eden Prairie, MN

Life Insurance in Eden Prairie, MNInsurance is about protecting the things that matter most. Life insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that your most cherished asset, your family, will be protected in the event that you die prematurely. I’ll work with you to find the right amount of life insurance with the features and benefits you need, then go to work comparing over 25 highly rated carriers. Contact us at (952) 934-3621 or request a quote comparison to get started.

Life Insurance Coverage

Term LifeTerm life last for a specified period of time, often 10 to 30 years. It is the lowest cost form of life insurance.
Whole LifeWhole life policies include a cash value component that earns interest. The policy lasts until death or policy maturation (when the cash value equals the death benefit).
Universal LifeUniversal life is flexible and can be designed to include cash value or not. The cash value can often be tied to an index of the stock market to allow for additional growth opportunity.
Group LifeGroup life covers several people that are part of a group, such as employees at a business.
Instant Issue Term LifeTerm life policy that can be issued quickly, without the need for a medical exam.
Return of Premium Term LifeTerm life that returns the sum of premiums paid to the policy owner if the policy expires.
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